Play’n GO have hit the big time in online slots gamine once again. 2018 has been a year of great releases from the Swedish company, like Gold King, Planet Fortune, and Banana Rock. Now add to that Battle Royal and Play’n Go has a foursome in online slots only players can beat because they’ve left their competitors in the dustbin of history.

Play’n Go is known throughout the industry as a leader in creating fun, exciting, accurate, and winning online slot machines. They are creators of private label and promotional widget games that are at the forefront of the intersection of marketing and gaming.

Their new game, Battle Royal, is based upon the famous Tudor king of Britain, Henry VIII. He was a king famous for his exploits in war and his large appetite, which led to being one of the fattest kings of history. He is most famous for his six wives, all of whom he sent to the executioner. Henry and his wives are the themes of Play’n GO’s new 5-reel game.

Battle Royal is a high variance slot machine game. Players will find their best plays come in the free spin rounds. Here up to five ghostly royal wilds can land big wins, even if your royals have been beheaded. Player choices during play determine the prizes and winnings. That means there are many paths to the big 250,000 coin prize.

The setting of Battle Royal is the tumultuous period in British history when Henry and his passions led to several competitions for who would be queen. The free spin modes are all about the six possible queens of Britain during the reign of Henry VIII

His wives must avoid execution by beheading by keeping clear of the randomly falling guillotines that hit the reels during free play. A unique play feature in Battle Royal is that instead of a finite number of free spins, the free spins continue until all the wives have gone to the guillotine.

A bonus game, ‘Long Live the King’, is included. Your job is to help King Henry VII live beyond the vengeful plans of revenge hatched by his dead wives from their lairs in the afterlife. Players have to get King Henry VIII safely away from the ghosts of his wives.

Play’n GO CEO, Johan Tornqvist, recently discussed how his company had another great title to end 2018 on a high note, saying, “We’ve had an amazing year this year, going from strength to strength. We are finishing 2018 as strongly as we started with the release of another creative game, that shows history in a fun and entertaining light.”

Located in Vaxjo, Sweden, Play’n GO is a small company that’s had a large impact in the gaming world. They recently signed an agreement to provide its games to one of the world’s largest branded distributors in the world. Play’n Go has been in business since 1997 and has operated as an independent company since 2005.

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