Winner Story

Karl’s Story

What’s it like to win a fortune? One of the players of Play’n GO’s Book of the Dead recently found out. Imagine it happening to you. What would you do with the money? Some people have large and expensive projects they’ve dreamed of having the wealth to develop and create. Others seek the height of luxury and the lifestyle that goes with it.

The Book of the Dead certainly provided the wealth necessary to pursue a luxurious lifestyle for Karl from Stuttgart. Always a fan of skiing, his big win at the Book of the Deal online slot machine game is giving him the means to visit his favorite resorts all over the world.

From British Columbia to Austria and Japan, Karl had dreamed of going to them all but had only ever visited a handful of ski slopes in Europe. Now he skis all the best US resorts, frequenting those in Colorado, Utah, and California.

He is a frequent visitor to the best ski lodges across Europe but also has a presence in America. Not only can he afford to travel to his favorite skiing but owns property in the United States as well. Karl bought himself a condo in the Aspen area, one of his favorite locations.

Karl says of his good fortune, “I never thought anything like this would happen just from playing an online game. I was just having fun. Now, look at me. I get to have fun all the time and have made some incredible friends during my travels.”

An engineer by trade, Karl has had to adjust to a new lifestyle and new friends. His victory at the Book of the Dead has put him in orbit around some of the world’s wealthiest at a number of the world’s most glamorous locations. That’s a far cry from Karl’s previous life. He lived just like millions of other Germans never expecting that something like winning a grand prize would happen to him as he casually played Book of the Dead. He wakes up every morning unable to believe that he no longer has to go to work and can do what ever he wants.

So if you’re looking for a lifestyle like Karl’s, playing Book of the Dead can help you realize your dreams. Use our generous free plays to make your way to the grand prize quickly. That’s a grand prize of 250,000 coins! Anyone can win at Book of the Dead!

Karl still plays Book of the Dead while waiting for the slopes to open up. What will he buy if he wins again? “A private jet,” he says. “because first class is getting a little cramped.” No reason not to expect that lightning could possibly strike twice. Find out what its like to win like Karl and play Book of the Dead. You could end up needing your own private jet.

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